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19-1 8:10:54 john412smith sidenote: lol i still have vip 3 on nemo 1, figured out how to fly again :)
18-1 22:37:50 Reverendo Bernocchi Exactly: In fact, Anthony Fauci, is nothing more than a fucking corrupted bastard mafious italo/american asshole!!!

The REAL Anthony Fauci: (with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.):
18-1 15:37:08 Aya But nemo i want to use it or wven a discord id love to meet all of the players :O
18-1 14:18:07 NEMOSKAL Noone used it, so I switched it off.
18-1 13:50:12 Aya Anyone have nemo's teamspeak ip
18-1 8:22:34 john412smith that was october 19th, 2019...
18-1 8:09:54 john412smith «link»
18-1 1:34:00 Reverendo Bernocchi Gaia - "The future of politics" is an experimental video from 2008 that hypothesizes possible scenarios of the future (up to 2054). Those who produced this video currently have their pawns within the government (in Italy). Now, the question is: how the fuck did these pieces of shit know (as early as 2008), what was going to happen in 2020, with so much precision ???

Every time I watch this video, I find it more and more disturbing, especially from the 4:52 minute.

Watch this shit, and remember, it was released in 2008.
Gaia - The future of politics:
«link» O.O
18-1 1:08:46 Reverendo Bernocchi Dear JohnSmith, unfortunately, history teaches us that the United States has very little to do with "democracy"; certainly in a conservative state, currently we live better, compared to a "democratic" state, since now (those who define themselves as democrats), are in fact, fucking dictators (in Italy it is like this: the "democratic" government, has established an economic / health dictatorship). Unfortunately, the banking elites who (in fact) now control practically the whole world, use a "method" (very well tested), which, with the complicity of the mass media, (obviously always controlled by them), makes it possible or even legal, something that was previously unthinkable / illegal. This "method" is called: Overton window; and it is practically applied at any level: politics, news, economy, health, social... ... etc. etc.
However, I think that this bullshit "pandemic" will be "declassified", from pandemic to endemic, but ... ... no problems! ... they have the next crisis ready: this time, it will be "energy", therefore: expect blackouts, rising energy costs, rising food and basic necessities prices, queues at supermarkets ... ... etc. etc.


The Overton Window: «link»

Good Luck Everyone (this time, we'll really need it a lot).
17-1 17:51:44 john412smith That's it, we all need to move to a conservative state in the US, pretty much the only places on the earth left with sanity intact.
17-1 1:39:27 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Nemo, my dear friend ... ... you are absolutely right!
This pandemic (from the very beginning) was created specifically to establish a "New World Order". I have always been against vaccinations (in fact I have not vaccinated myself), also because (fortunately), I enjoy excellent health, and I have not taken a disease, for about 20 years (and by vaccinating myself, I would certainly compromise my health), but ( above all), I know very well who and why, he staged all this pantomime: I was born free, in a free and democratic country (Italy), and I can assure you, that from 1990 to today, I have clearly seen the changes that are occurred: Today (in countries that were once democratic), a real economic / health dictatorship has been established, those who do not undergo vaccination are discriminated against and marginalized; in a nutshell, we are back to the Middle Ages.
The vaccine does not immunize shit, on the contrary: it totally messes up your immune system, making you more and more vulnerable to all the "variants" that will follow, and you will need more and more medical assistance.

I give you some advice: if (luckily for you), with the first 2 doses, you had no problems ... ... avoid taking more, this is the first way to protect you and your family, but (at the time himself), tries to avoid close contact, with people who have been vaccinated for less than 10 days, because ... ... they are precisely those vaccinated, those who spread the infections.
I hope that the peoples of the whole world "wake up" before it's too late!

Hi Nemo, take care of yourself, and protect your family from these "financial sharks".

16-1 21:32:24 NEMOSKAL I am not against a vaccination, I am twice vaccinated. At first they said it is valid for 12 months, then after mutations they said it is valid for 9 months, now from February it is valid for 6 months and makes sense to boost already after 3 months. I see no logical reason anymore in this vaccination business and will protect me and my family in all possible ways.
16-1 20:58:30 Reverendo Bernocchi @JohnSmith ...WTF ...I'm sorry for what happened to you, however, the problem is that in Italy (and almost all over the world), many entrepreneurs are losing everything that (with difficulty), they were able to achieve. Unfortunately (as I say from the beginning), this whole "pandemic" was created to bring the global economy to its knees, and, the main culprits for all this shit we are experiencing are the usual Zionist banker families (Rothschild, Warburg & Rockefeller), who mainly control the US, France, England, Italy (unfortunately), and Israel (of course).
(among other things, they are the same ones who financed Hitler, and who now finance the World Healt Organization).
Anyway, here's a little "summary" about the fucking banker families:

here (if you have some time to read), there is the whole "story"

... instead, as far as the "pandemic" is concerned, well: in 2009, the WHO (World Healt Organization), was already "studying" what it would get from the sale of vaccines (obviously after spreading the viruses).

Do not you believe it?:
This confidential WHO document is proof of that.

Anyway, dear JohnSmith, if you run away from Quebec (which is a fucking French colony), things should probably be a little better for you :) .
16-1 18:19:43 john412smith lost ~$100,000 on the store due to the city blocking off all access to my store for 10 months. Now my construction business has lost ~$318,000 in contracts since start of covid. I literally cannot afford to stay in this fucked up place.
16-1 18:16:47 john412smith about the same shit in quebec... lost store due to city construction, went back to construction... now government keeps telling me due to covid i can't work, so losing more money again every day. Now its I cannot go into my suppliers to buy materials without vaccine passport... Already had covid (in 2020), was fine. And even more they want to tax me more because i'm unvaccinated... lockdowns, vaccine passport, blah blah blah, need to get the fuck out of here and head south.
16-1 15:34:44 moh.mnts always prepared against governments that require you to get vaccinated
15-1 22:54:50 Reverendo Bernocchi @Nemoskal: Hello Cpt. Nemo :)
@JohnSmith: lately, I don't play a lot, therefore, I don't often meet "old players" (for example, Gaby was in Italy, but, I don't know if she is still here, or she is back in Venezuela); I haven't seen her ingame, for a very long time. However, unfortunately in this period, I am "fighting" to avoid the fucking "anti" CoviD vaccine; in Italy, those damned sons of bitches who are in government have made the vaccine mandatory for people over 50. I'm 52, and I have no intention of getting vaccinated. If they want to vaccinate me (against my will), they will have to pick me up at home, but (what they don't know), is that I'm waiting for them ... ... with the SPAS12 shotgun in my hands, to give these pieces of shit, the right welcome! :)
15-1 21:42:38 NEMOSKAL Old school team is back again
15-1 21:01:32 john412smith Hey Reverendo! how been you? Any of the other OG's still around? Nemo, gabby ect.. ?
14-1 22:23:15 Reverendo Bernocchi Hey John Smith ... ... welcome back, dear old Canadian computer salesman :)
14-1 8:33:32 john412smith I'm backkkk, who missed me? been almost 5 years :O :O
11-1 13:28:43 Aya Any english players here im looking for a group to play with :D
11-1 4:48:54 vaginalattack а ой всеее, прошу прощения за беспокойство
11-1 4:48:02 vaginalattack а что с сервером случилось?
11-1 4:47:49 vaginalattack vaginalattack
10-1 20:52:12 NEMOSKAL Какой ник в игре? Не вижу тебя в бан листе
10-1 3:52:18 vaginalattack а, ебать, тут чат расположен в обратном направлении, извиняюсь, как дурак несколько раз написал всякой херни
10-1 3:47:29 vaginalattack я очень часто играю на данном сервере и не хотел бы лишиться этой возможности, могли бы решить эту проблему?
10-1 3:44:51 vaginalattack кто админ я не знаю, но там были очень активные игроки cheater buster, magnum, the vektor
10-1 3:44:02 vaginalattack играл на сервере nemoskal modded V
10-1 3:41:27 vaginalattack хелп
10-1 3:40:46 vaginalattack здравствуйте
10-1 3:36:58 vaginalattack помогите
10-1 3:31:01 vaginalattack здравствуйте, меня вероятно забанили на вашем сервере, я не понимаю в чем причина и могли бы вы мне помочь с данной проблемой? я играл не использую читы или посторонние программы, вероятно игрокам не понравился выбор моего оружия (spas 12 +special bullet), помогите мне пожалуйста с этой проблемой
10-1 3:28:44 vaginalattack здравствуйте, меня наверно забанили на данном сервере, я не знаю в чем причина и почему именно так, могли бы вы мне помочь с данном проблемой? я могу только предположить почему так, я использовал spas 12 + special bullet, игрокам это, как я понял, не понравилось и меня кикнули, а может и забанили. помогите
4-1 1:48:51 Reverendo Bernocchi Estoy bien hermano (aunque todos están drogados con la vacuna covid), me paso el tiempo enviando a la mierda a gente estúpida :)
4-1 1:36:04 moh.mnts que tal como andas mi estimado bro
4-1 1:20:24 Reverendo Bernocchi Hola, señor Montes :D :D :D
3-1 22:39:37 moh.mnts hello reberendo :D :D
18-12 20:58:56 System Guest_4491 has been banned
25-11 0:23:32 Reverendo Bernocchi Hey bambaduzas1: let me try to explain to you:
if you want someone to help you, you need to try to be more "precise" in describing the problems you encounter on Nemoskal servers, rather than waste your time in "shooting" bullshits !!!
For Example:
which server were you banned on ?
from which Admin ??
what's your nickname in BFBC2 ???
...maybe you have not been banned by an Admin, it may be that even the "admin-bot" has discovered that you are a (fake) pro-sniper!!!
hahahaha, seems you're just another fuckinD crying baby :)
...ask to Main Admin (Cpt. Nemo), and (if he want), your ass can be "revived", otherwise... ...good luck, for your "real" life. the meantime (while you are trying to "clear your head"), read these 2 links ... ... it can only be "good for you".

23-11 18:04:12 bambaduzas1 im pro sniper
23-11 18:03:51 bambaduzas1 maybe admin bot
23-11 18:03:17 bambaduzas1 why banned me,because score 20/2 , fuckind admin children :)
30-10 16:40:01 Rorshah Can someone unbann me???
24-10 16:32:23 Rorshah Just because i made 11/0 kills ? i did them with the chopper is that illegal?
24-10 16:31:36 Rorshah Why did you BANNED me , Diesel ??
24-9 4:32:48 Reverendo Bernocchi hahahaha, it's true, nevertheless ... ... they manage to waste your time instead of wasting theirs. Have a Nice Day Cpt. Nemo :)
23-9 10:22:46 NEMOSKAL Schoolguys have just too much time :D
19-8 23:22:25 Reverendo Bernocchi Доброе утро, господин Igor4k.
Я думаю, что Nemoskal (владелец сервера) выполняет обслуживание / обновление серверов.
Мы все надеемся, что серверы скоро снова подключатся к сети. :D
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