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17-9 0:45:32 Reverendo Bernocchi Finally, i have found the damn trouble:
i just changed the PunkBuster setting, from 0 to 1
in "C:\Users\<userprofile>\Documents\BFBC2\GameSettings.ini"
Now i can join EA PunkBuster protected servers.
Fucking Yesssssssss :)

The only question still remain in my head is: why on Nexus, the nick "Reverendo Bernocchi" work, and in EA, is too long to be accepted?
I don't know, by the way, thanks for your help, Cpt. Nemo.
...if you see a "Roman" soldier on EA, named "PRAEDITUS", it's me :)

Have a Wonderful Day, Bro

seeyou :)
15-9 23:11:53 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Nemo, the problem is that I had already downloaded (and installed) both, in fact, the 2 processes PnkBstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe, are present in the task manager, but, when I try to enter the server, it always gives me the same fucking message: PunkBuster need to be installed and running etc. etc. trust me Nemo, I fucked my head all night, but ... ... I didn't solve anything ... luckily, the nexus servers work :)
15-9 5:16:47 NEMOSKAL Hi Reverendo, go to «link» and download first and second files and install both
15-9 3:57:33 Reverendo Bernocchi Hello Nemo, no way to login EA Servers, always same damn PunkBuster error, like: To Access Server, PunkBuster need to be installed and running, but... ...the fucking PunkBuster is installed, and...still running!!! ...what the fuck, i don't understand where is the problem. For now, the problem is the time: is 06.00AM, and i have no more time to try for tonight, so ...i'll try tomorrow. Have a Nice Day Captain :)
13-9 20:45:20 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Nemo, after exhausting searches in the delirium of my house, I gave up: evidently, I lost the original BFBC2 DVD, so ... ... I bought a new code on origin :)
I created a new EA account (I didn't remember the nick or password of the old one at all), my nick on EA is not "Reverendo Bernocchi" (it didn't support such a long name, and I don't understand why), but "PRAEDITUS" (which is my second nick on NEXUS), however, I couldn't connect, because ... ... I don't have punkbuster installed (WTF). Now I have to go out, one of these nights, I'll try to install PunkBuster, then (maybe), I'll be able to connect :)
...seeyou Nemo, Have a Nice Day, Brother. :)
13-9 1:40:25 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Hunter, welcome back bro :)
11-9 23:06:10 Hunter_HUN tbh it's been quite a long time since we saw each other last time:D
11-9 23:05:53 Hunter_HUN I hope everything's fine with yall
11-9 23:05:37 Hunter_HUN Hello, Nemo!?
I've been playing Rainbow Six: Siege for quite a long time, and nowadays I'm playing Escape from Tarkov, and I'm developing in .NET since 3 years, and recently I started writing apps in C++.
Well, times have changed, so did I
11-9 19:04:20 NEMOSKAL Hi HUN! What did you play all the time? :O
11-9 18:15:35 Hunter_HUN hello there, whats up fellas
10-9 21:57:00 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Oleksandr, I'm happy to hear from you; It's been a long time since we last met on the battlefield: Nemo, he did a huge job with his servers, he managed to improve what already are the best; now its servers are simply the Top.
One of these evenings, I hope to have some time to play a couple of games, who knows: maybe we meet in the same team. Have a nice day brother. :)
10-9 19:13:33 NEMOSKAL Hallo Oleksandr, thanks for the kind words, i was also pretty busy last 2 years, now i will try to do my best to keep this game alive ;)
10-9 17:28:27 Oleksandr thank you Mr.Nemo that u are still work and your servers are the best. My last vist in this game was around 3 years ago. IM REALLY APPRECIATE FOR ALL WHAT U DO IN THIS BF PROJECT!!! (!) (!) (!) (!) (!)
10-9 15:27:24 Oleksandr nice everything is fine, i forgot some thing to do. See u in the game. Have a nice day :) :)
10-9 14:41:46 Oleksandr Hello, Reverendo and Mr. Nemo!Just tried to join again and looking for servers but its coulndt find anyone. Show me zero active servers. Maybe i do something bad? :| :( Thank you
8-9 2:01:41 Reverendo Bernocchi Hello Miguel :)
7-9 18:25:22 Miguel Hi :)
14-8 1:15:16 Reverendo Bernocchi Good morning Cpt. Nemo, I just entered your homepage, and ... ... wow: 10 Servers ... they multiplied like rabbits :) ... besides you having done an excellent job, I must say that you have also assembled a super server (to running 5 full servers, surely the hardware isn't a cheap), thanks also for the work you are doing, on admin tool and adding buttons. I have tried all the servers, and they work perfectly; the only 2 that I haven't tried yet (but only because I still haven't figured out how to view them in the game servers list) :) , are the 2 EA servers (I thought Electronics Arts, had closed Bad Company 2 servers, a long time ago, btw i will try them one of these days (if and when, i will understand how to join on them) :)
Thank's a lot for the big work you are doing, keeping alive and updated that i consider the better Bad Company 2 servers ever made: Nemoskal Servers, are simply The Top. I wish you and your family a happy and peaceful mid-August, thank you for everything you are doing brother. See you soon :)
13-8 20:46:11 NEMOSKAL Hi Reverendo, I also started 2 servers on EA. Now I have 10 Servers running, but the root server capacity is only 5 full servers, which is also pretty good. A am still working on the admin tool, now you can see in server status after you click on a player link kick, ban, switch and curse buttons. Only kick works for now, tomorrow I will continue my efforts ;) have a nice night, my friend
11-8 4:12:37 Reverendo Bernocchi Hey Nemo: A Noisy Place, it's simply amazing: another great one damn funny server; you never stop surprising me :)
my compliments to you, Cpt. Nemo.
...Have a Nice Day Bro
10-8 3:02:28 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Nemo, tonight there was 2 cheaters on Ultimate vs Nemoskal: first "SniperElit020", now is banned, but with his friend "AlmaFuerteArgPa", the permanent ban doesn't work (i don't know why), by the way, please, ban this fagot (AlmaFuerteArgPa), he use massive aimbot, and the clean players, leave the server, frustrated by this asshole!
I think, is the time to restore justice, with your greatest ban hammer :)
There's a way, to get curse/ban and kick, working, directly from the servers chat in Nemoskal site, without having to log-in the game?
...thank's Cpt. Nemo ...have a nice day, bro :)
31-7 3:39:57 Reverendo Bernocchi Ciao Nemo, I just went around on all the servers: You did a great job, everything works perfectly, really want to play, but... wtf it's 05.20AM again! it's better if i go to kill myself in the bed :)
Thank you very much, for the vip status upgrade, i hope can i find the time to play a little, one of these evenings (if I can get home earlier). I wish you a very, very good day brother: seeyou on the battlefields my friend :)
Good Idea, "A Quiet Place" :)
30-7 1:12:50 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Nemo, I'm glad to know you're well brother, and ... ... congratulations for your new super pc. Tonight I tried to connect, but ...I did not succeed ... I don't know, if it's my problem, or a problem on the servers; I can connect to all the servers in the list, but I cannot connect to anyone of the Nemoskal servers; this is the error message I get when I try to connect: «link» anyway, take it easy bro, you have already done a great job keeping servers alive. I hope to seeyou running in the battlefields (one of these nights) :) ... I wish you a wonderful day, Cpt. Nemo ... stay strong, bro :)
29-7 21:45:44 NEMOSKAL Hi Reverendo, my friend, i am OK and keep the servers online. Someday or somenight we play together. :D
29-7 2:25:39 Reverendo Bernocchi Hello are you bro? ...i hope all was fine :) ...many time has passed from last time i hear you; just yesternight, i have seen, all the servers are up again ...that's wonderful ...great work (as always) :)
...lately, i play rarely cause i'm a bit busy, but if i play... ...that's on Nemoskal, of course :)
I read, you have update my level: thank you very much bro, I am honored. Tonight, is fucking late (04.20AM), and i have to wakeup at 08.00, but one of these nights, surely i take a tour on servers and try to fill the battlefields :)
Thank You again Nemo, i hope meet you in game (sooner or later).
i wish you all the better bro.
28-7 5:23:07 NEMOSKAL I started all the servers on my brand new PC
28-7 5:22:41 NEMOSKAL Reverendo, i updated your VIP level
29-6 5:18:30 Gabriela Michell Your Player name
26-6 16:09:20 mido bolbol I was banned by vey19 FOREVER!!!!!!! why? Camping? It was a one time even if it was camping this is not something to ban someone forever for
21-5 23:55:07 Reverendo Bernocchi ...Hi Zek, nice to hear you bro :) ...and ...yeah, fortunately Nemo is back ...unfortunately, i am a bit busy in this fucking CoViD bullshits time, but of these nights, i hope seeyou in the battlefield's :D
7-5 12:14:35 Zekaev nemoskal is back <3 finally
21-4 2:16:16 Reverendo Bernocchi Hello Aniums and Gaby :)
20-4 9:06:13 Gabriela Michell :D :D
20-4 9:06:04 Gabriela Michell hi
8-4 11:27:21 Aniums UwU
4-4 22:32:06 Reverendo Bernocchi Thankyou Very Much, to Nemoskal & Rubber Duck. Nice Work Guys, this is the first happy new, that i have hear from february of this unlikely damned shitty fucking god lord year 2020.

29-3 4:38:48 BlackWhite go play guys
29-3 4:38:34 BlackWhite heyyyyyyyyy
28-3 4:09:40 Gabriela Michell hola
28-3 3:59:22 Reverendo Bernocchi jajaja, en este período de "locura colectiva", incluso si solo tienes una influencia banal, la gente te mira como si estuvieras "afectado por el coronavirus", todos se han convertido en idiotas, en menos de un mes jajajaja ... el mundo entero sí, aterrorizado por los medios de comunicación, y no entendí las dos cosas fundamentales: la primera es que en el 90% de los casos el coronavirus es solo un poco más fuerte que la gripe normal (se convierte en un problema para los mayores, o los que ya tienen problemas graves de salud), la segunda es que la pandemia se creó específicamente para "bloquear" a varios países (primera la Italia), provocando el colapso de las acciones de las principales empresas (y, por lo tanto, comprarlas a precios de ganga), y obligarnos pedir ayuda / préstamos al banco central (controlado por los Rothschild), ofreciendo nuestra herencia artística y cultural como garantía. ¡Espero que el mundo se despierte antes de que sea demasiado tarde! ... ¿Quién decidió todo esto? ... el Bilderberg!

He estado investigando sobre Rothschild / Rockefeller / Warburg / NWO / Club Bilderberg etcétera, durante más de 6 años, y ... Estoy empezando a entender quién (y por qué) está enviando al mundo "a la mierda

Por esta razón, descubrí a todos los "cheaters" que jugaron en Nemoskal, porque estoy acostumbrado a reconocer a los cheaters mucho más bastardos, peligrosos y difíciles de localizar. :)

El Club Bilderberg quiere reducir la población mundial

Grupo Bilderberg

Familia Rothschild

Aby Warburg

Familia Rockefeller

Nuevo Orden Mundial

...Un beso SuperGaby :)
27-3 14:17:26 Gabriela Michell que bueno que estés bien... yo tampoco puedo salir pero tengo comida para 2 meses. yo estuve muy enferma con gripe y tarde casi 1 mes para recuperarme... Tengo un poco de tos pero me estoy recuperando. No voy a medico por miedo... pase mi gripe encerrada en casa y nadie lo supo
25-3 3:14:23 Reverendo Bernocchi Hola Gaby, sí, estoy bien, el problema no es el coronavirus (que causa menos muertes que los que dicen las noticias), el problema es que nos están quitando la libertad. ¡Esto ya no es una democracia, es una dictadura! sin embargo, no se preocupe, Gaby, el CoViD-19, es peligroso solo para las personas que ya tienen problemas de salud graves. Póngase la máscara de protección (si está en habitaciones cerradas y abarrotadas), de lo contrario ... ... no hay problema. Es una maniobra política / económica, enviar a Italia al "default". El medicamento para tratar el Virus Corona ya existe, lo han usado en China y Japón, y todos se han curado, pero en Europa y America nadie habla de eso (porque quieren matar a las personas mayores, que tienen costos sociales demasiado altos). Destruyen la economía y luego intervienen con el financiamiento del banco central, endeudando así a las próximas generaciones. ¡Son unos malditos bastardos! Este es el medicamento para tratar CoViD-19 «link» Hola Gaby, un beso. :) :)
25-3 2:24:25 Gabriela Michell y mortacci? como esta el? estan enfermos?
25-3 2:23:49 Gabriela Michell Amigo Moreno como estas tu? estas bien? estas a salvo? donde estas?
13-3 21:25:22 Reverendo Bernocchi Do you know who's the CORONAVIRUS Testimonial is in Italy? ... is Asterix (the French rooster, sworn enemy of the Romans). Look at this comic: Asterix en Italia (2017 comic, in the Spanish edition). «link»

Ebola, HIV/AIDS (SIDA in France) and now COVID-19, share the same french biological laboratory's, so... ...The France, is the problem! «link»

REMEMBER to our people, to keep the interest of USA, France and israel away from your countries

Good Luck to all, Brothers and Sisters.
26-2 19:51:31 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi folks, I want to informate about the coronavirus (COVID19).
COVID19 is a modified version of SARS, produced by USA / FRANCE. It was disclosed in Wuhan (China) in a French laboratory, then spread to Europe.

Mortality is very low and afflicts the elderly (with previous pathological problem), it is normally like standard bronchitis. In reality, this is an "economic move" to curb the economic growth of China and Europe (especially Italy), which has always been a direct competitor of the fucking Frenchmen. Don't get screwed by the media, and above all, don't get screwed by the French, the Americans and the Israelis (always a problem for the rest of the world).

The fucking COVID19 was already mentioned in a 1984 novel (The Eyes of Darkness)... ... don't you believe me?



Good luck to all.
18-1 4:22:44 moh.mnts hola soy montes regreso de tiempo
10-1 2:04:37 Reverendo Bernocchi Hello Sister :D
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