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28-4 10:20:40 NEMOSKAL Как путлер сдохнет, всех разбаню
28-4 10:19:00 vaginalattack и вы туда же, все понятно
28-4 10:18:47 vaginalattack а, клево
27-4 12:29:44 NEMOSKAL В связи с агрессивными действиями россии против Украины россияне банятся на сервере Nemoskal V
27-4 7:39:17 vaginalattack просто бан на ровном месте, это максимально обидно
27-4 5:25:07 vaginalattack никнейм соответствующий
27-4 5:20:14 vaginalattack Здравствуйте, забанили на nemoskal v, долго не заходил в игру, пытаюсь подключится и появляется надпись "Banned by from web". Можете посмотреть в связи с чем это случилось и почему я в бане?!
26-4 14:33:12 Honoka Modded V is empty?
26-3 17:28:15 NEMOSKAL Fuck you cheater
26-3 17:06:13 xand Hi
26-3 17:04:21 xand Your server ban wit hno reason
26-3 17:03:41 xand You fkin forum does not work
26-3 16:55:30 xand Hi who is the admin?
25-3 17:10:34 canberk2 Thanks :)
25-3 15:57:34 Diesel unbanned @canberk2
23-3 16:58:27 Tamilan @canberk2 hes more active there. Just create an acc and chat there... Ull have to wait a while before he gets here
23-3 16:24:00 canberk2 Well I dont have a discord. Guess he will eventually see my message here or it will take a long time? :)
23-3 16:08:26 Tamilan @canberk2 chat with him on discord
23-3 15:11:13 canberk2 Hi all, just got banned by Diesel. I don't think I was having a k/d ratio high, so dont particularly know the reason. Would appreciate someone telling me how can I get unbanned.
21-3 12:36:28 dzaja15 My nick ingame is dzaja
21-3 12:36:09 dzaja15 Hello guys, yesterday i've been auto-banned for having 20-0 score, I was playing as recon and found a good spot, that's really all there is to it, so is there a way to get unbanned? Thanks in advance!
18-3 8:59:14 Diesel @Franco unbanned for this time.
16-3 5:16:59 Franco Hello! I want to know why I'm getting banned from the server of BFBC2? I went on 20/0 as recon and I get auto banned (?
I'm FrancoBostero! lvl50 btw And is the only server that get players so I want to play again
26-2 7:39:17 NEMOSKAL I use sanctions against you, guys
23-2 15:55:49 Aya Thank you
23-2 15:50:04 NEMOSKAL Unbanned
23-2 14:37:25 Aya Hey guys I'm looking to get unbanned, Reason for ban : Innapropriate name, Name I was banned on CustomCuntBuilder, Banned by : I think DIESEL, Id like to apologise for being stupid and creating such a name hope I can get unbanned, if not still love the server and keep up the hard work
23-2 8:05:12 NEMOSKAL Ukrainians killed by Russians: 13300
22-2 12:07:15 Janson Hi there, how to apply for VIP?
21-2 9:36:19 Honoka Thanks
20-2 14:00:21 Honoka How do I see the NEMOSKAL Modded V server? The non-EA one. I don't see it in the in game server browser
14-2 17:19:26 Tamilan @canberk2 Hello canberk thanks for the upload. Have fun
13-2 17:28:11 canberk2 And my username in game is the same, "canberk2". Hope that clarifies it up :) Have a nice evening.
13-2 17:27:18 canberk2 Hi all, Tamilan asked me to upload a gameplay video of mine. I honestly couldn't manage to share it as a forum post so I think sharing it here will work too. «link»
12-2 19:00:19 Xolt Hi, an admin cursed me today for "cheating" apparently - how do I get rid of this?
12-2 0:52:56 Reverendo Bernocchi @johnsmith: everywhere, those motherfuckers who are in the government, use the same bullshits (emergency/pandemic state), to completely fuck up the constitution, and obtain what they set out to do. In Italy is the same, cause in the whole fucking shitty N.A.T.O. alliance, who making "the rules", are founded by the same dirty bloody hands of zionists bankeers; it's not a coincidence the fact that all the media, every damn fucking day, continue to present Israel to us, as an "example to follow". Dear JohnSmith... know that the president of the Italian republic (Sergio Mattarella) has just been re-elected? ...but: the problem is that he is a shitty mafious, son of a mafia family.

Italy is slowly being "strangled" by the Zionist banks, by the N.A.T.O. and from the mafia !!! (all three have always worked together)

I am disgusted Bro!!!
I just feel like throwing up!!!

in Italy, we supports the Canadian Freedom Convoy, also the Archbishop Viganò: «link»
11-2 23:13:53 john412smith supreme court of canada ruled the convoy had a legal right to be there... 2 days later (today), premier of ontario declares a 'state of emergency' and using emergency powers to declare the convoy illegal... you cant make this shit up at this point
11-2 0:29:23 john412smith «link»
11-2 0:29:18 john412smith my god seems our 'leader' is having a different conversation then the people asking him a question... as his responses are nothing to do with the questions...
8-2 0:13:55 Reverendo Bernocchi we are facing the most important battle for our life: that to defend our freedom! (and it is absolutely essential to win it: in any way).
7-2 22:44:15 john412smith happening not far from me... can't get them out, so stop their fuel and food
7-2 22:43:53 john412smith «link»
7-2 22:20:53 Reverendo Bernocchi in facts: «link»
6-2 18:10:13 Honoka Wondering why I got banned... Is it because I got nemesis pin on Nemoskal?
6-2 16:42:35 Tamilan @Alcon222 uncursed
6-2 6:37:12 john412smith Seeing some servers missing...
4-2 23:18:12 Alcon222 I just want to play man :_(
4-2 23:17:39 Alcon222 NEMOSKAL modded V. im in list Curse. :c
4-2 23:11:58 Alcon222 NEMOSKAL modded IV and NEMOSKAL modeed
4-2 19:01:46 moh.mnts in which server?
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