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3-3 1:58:27 Reverendo Bernocchi Hola Senor Caryel, lamentablemente mi español apesta, pero puedes preguntarle a la administradora Gabriela Michell, quien seguramente sabrá cómo ayudarte. Buen día. :)
3-3 1:55:31 Reverendo Bernocchi L.A. players Alex T.69 and crappy Admin Waifus Hunter| are cheaters.
Waifus, use aimbot, and ban/curse players for no reason (just for fun).
Can a bad Admin (like Waifus), put all these servers, under a bad light??
I hope, someone remove this L.A. shits, please. O.O
2-3 22:56:13 Caryel Hola Soy nuevo me llamo caryel, Acabo de pasar Bad company 2 y me llamo la atención el Multijugador ya tengo todo para iniciarlo pero cuando entro a su servidor Nemoskal modded IV Se sale :_( :_(
27-2 1:02:20 Reverendo Bernocchi still better: Gaby, please, teach Waifus how to be a good administrator :)
27-2 0:10:25 Reverendo Bernocchi @NEMO: Please Remove vip status to Waifus Hunter: worst Admin ever seen. Don't Ban Ceaters, and abuse his power. thx
13-2 10:36:41 NEMOSKAL banned forever
13-2 8:43:25 smax Your server is about to get a permaban. I suggest you make a backup
13-2 8:34:07 NEMOSKAL next time you get a permaban on all servers
13-2 6:37:06 smax Still muted and still cursed. I'm only insulting in return and only the degenerates who deserve it and ban for no reason. Trust me, I'll get to you you fucking cocksucker-one way or another
10-2 6:08:47 Gabriela Michell thank you for the information
10-2 6:08:25 Gabriela Michell ok ;)
8-2 20:51:28 Sandalini Friends of Vip, do not remove the punishment for Smax, he insulted Nemoskal servers on other projects. He must be punished accordingly.
I have evidence in the form of screenshots.
Thank you for understanding
8-2 20:44:59 Sandalini hi Gabi, How are you?
8-2 19:06:20 Gabriela Michell hi
8-2 18:01:54 Sandalini Ты думал что будешь оскорблять сервер и спокойно играть здесь? Серьезно? Хер тебе. Это я тебе ответственно заявляю. Все скрины сохранены чтоб ты понимал. Так что давай до свидания!
8-2 17:12:07 smax Okay, this is my third complaint: I have been cursed and muted by the sandalini degenerate 15 seconds into the game-didn't even get to fire a single shot lol. Let me remind you, I have done absolutely nothing wrong and this piece of fecal matter really has it out for me. Please remove his VIP status ASAP and restore my normal privileges. Thank you.
2-2 20:56:07 Gabriela Michell ;)
2-2 20:55:23 Vrabelisss Thank you for your willingness, you are the best :)
2-2 20:54:27 Vrabelisss Oh sorry, my bad
2-2 20:53:46 Gabriela Michell I think you're wrong. That server does not belong to nemoskal.
2-2 20:53:05 Vrabelisss Aeroforce | 32 Helis | Heavy Metal, this is the full name of the server, I searched it here in "servers nexus"
2-2 20:51:33 Gabriela Michell modded 1 modded II III IV V
2-2 20:51:11 Gabriela Michell please tell the server
2-2 20:49:48 Vrabelisss Aeroforce Helis Heavy metal
2-2 20:49:22 Gabriela Michell tell me server?
2-2 20:47:04 Vrabelisss Hi, SVK Vrabelisss is my name,SVK in square brackets :)
2-2 20:42:06 Gabriela Michell hi, playername?
2-2 20:17:07 Vrabelisss Hi, I got a ban on the Aerforce Heavy metal server. Someone thought I was a WH cheater, but I only had a skill. I spotted an enemy and I knew he was in the bushes, so he got a shot. Can you please unban me?
2-2 12:38:06 SONIQ can confirm smax's words below. I was there with smax and saw VagSniffer cheating
1-2 13:31:29 smax Please ban afghanistaner on the first server. He's been aimbotting for hours. His first nickname-VagSniffer, was autobanned a few minutes ago. Please come in to the server a see for yourself. Ban him by ID because he keeps coming back with different accounts
30-1 21:59:23 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi all internet die tonight :_('s time to get new provider, i hope, come back in some days ...Nice Week to All :)
29-1 11:37:19 smax Then it's decided: remove the privileges from the sandaunlini degenerate and we can all live happily ever after! Yay! Shit belongs in a toilet drain pipe-not on a public server :D
28-1 11:23:40 JAKHRAL NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
28-1 7:03:39 NEMOSKAL I quit, see you ;)
26-1 16:47:15 JAKHRAL 8)
26-1 15:52:46 Gabriela Michell Nemoskal is working on it. more information will be given as soon as possible
26-1 15:51:41 Gabriela Michell the server is temporarily suspended.
26-1 15:11:08 JAKHRAL any idea why i dont see nemoskal servers since yestarday night? im on nexux
26-1 13:03:24 JAKHRAL @Tamilan ohh, good to know :)
26-1 9:20:58 Sandalini читеры тоже наслаждаются игрой в ущерб другим игрокам, давайте и им разрешать свободно играть :D
cheaters also enjoy the game to the detriment of other players, let's let them play freely too: D
26-1 9:18:12 Sandalini нельзя наслаждаться игрой в ущерб другим игрокам. играй как все или будешь получать curse/ban
26-1 9:14:09 Sandalini I banned him for insulting me, he will be banned forever as long as I have these privileges
26-1 5:43:35 Tamilan @smax mcom is fine...As for getting banned/cursed...its a part of playing in nemoskal..Ur just experiencing it now..I being banned/cursed more than 100 times now. If youre on discord. Admins will get ur message sooner than in here
26-1 5:41:00 Tamilan @JAKHRAL "Tamilan" is more like "American" for people speaking Tamil language.. Its a different guy most likely ;)
25-1 21:42:12 JAKHRAL Tamilan, wasnt you playin on old b2 2f4y? i remember sniper guy with similar nickname :)
25-1 20:38:02 Gabriela Michell you mean thank you Gaby for unban me :) :)
25-1 18:57:36 smax What "opportunity"? I wasn't doing anything wrong? And in response to Tamilan I wasn't camping by the enemy spawn-just by the MCOM. Or is that "not allowed", too?
25-1 17:38:24 Gabriela Michell unbanned, one more oportunity for you ;)
25-1 17:33:11 smax Yet another unban and unmute request. Please see this thread: «link»
And please finally ban that degenerate Sandalini-he is clearly abusing his admin rights.
24-1 8:16:38 Peter Quill smax uncursed
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