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23-1 23:20:30 smax Thank you kindly!
23-1 20:03:24 Tamilan Hi smax. I've seen u play. I'll unban u but u need to be in-game to get uncursed
23-1 17:37:27 smax Attention! I was cursed and then banned by a moron with a nickname Sandalini for standing on a stack of medkits, killing everyone and essentially enjoying myself. Please remove his VIP status and restore my account. Playing like this isn't illegal, it is, in fact, the very essence of this mod, which makes it fun. Same request goes for Vey19.
Дублирование сообщения на русском: меня закэрсил а потом забанил идиот под ником Сандалини за то, что я стоял на стопке медичек, валил всех и, в общем, наслаждался игрой. Убедительная просьба удалить его ВИП статус и разблокировать мой аккаунт. Та же просьба касается Вей19: меня он лично не абьюзил, но абьюзил многих других игроков. В подтверждение читайте чат-это не единственная на него жалоба. С уважением
22-1 19:02:01 SONIQ Доброго вечора, хлопці! Я був забанений ( не cursed ) на одному із ваших серверів ( не запам'ятав на якому ) за ВХ адміном vei19 ( якщо правильно пам'ятаю ). Через деякий час я спробував зайти на всі сервера немоскаль і в мене вийшло. Я так розімую що я незабанений. P.S. граю через EmulatorNexus
22-1 13:05:35 Gabriela Michell Hi polish
17-1 10:46:08 felix my name is Alpha-Hustla
17-1 10:45:17 felix hi guys, i was cursed on NEMOSKAL modded V E but i am no cheater. can you please uncurse me?
16-1 15:47:43 Hrvoje Discord link?
15-1 5:53:29 Tamilan or join discord. we can discuss it easier there
15-1 5:51:52 Tamilan @hrvoje are u cursed or banned? I do not see any bans on that ign. make sure u spelled it correctly. U cant get into the server or do u die every kill?
14-1 17:56:52 Hrvoje PC and i dont even know why i would be baned...i play trough Steam platform and dont know why im banned
14-1 17:55:53 Hrvoje I play on shit
14-1 17:55:26 Hrvoje Im still banned on nemoskal modded V....Dont have reason why...i play with boat on Cao Son Temple and have score 28:5 is
14-1 10:26:45 Gabriela Michell hello vey19. write to me privately
14-1 4:39:30 Tamilan @vey19 u use multiple accounts and hack on one of those. As it was HC it was pretty easy to spot u. Too bad i did not record then. It would be swell if u can show the game play of the ban. But i'm sure u dont have that. And not to mention how u abuse ur admin rights and ban anyone who kills u.
13-1 17:54:07 Vey19 Пусть возрадуються Все)) vey покинул вашу игру
13-1 17:52:59 Vey19 Немо. Привет. В общем дело то такое. Короче снимай все полномочия с меня. Не хочу больше нести за все это ответственность. Не могу и не хочу. С твоими новыми админами как-то немножко сложно стало. Крайним всегда выходить меня уже заколебало, меня банят - никто не обращает внимания, только что-то сделаю я, так сразу бегут к тебе. И я снова остаюсь с боками. Уже нет никакого желания это все продолжать.
13-1 17:45:45 Vey19 Тамилан. Ты уже просто издеваешься, мой дорогой друг. Достал. Банить ты Меня и я буду платить тебе той же монетой
12-1 18:08:16 Hrvoje Nemoskal modded 5 something like that or just nemoskal modded
12-1 7:29:08 Tamilan I dont see any bans on u...which server were u banned on?
12-1 6:16:28 Hrvoje @tamilan
12-1 6:16:09 Hrvoje hrvopetrovic
12-1 5:37:51 Tamilan ur IGN?
12-1 4:20:34 Hrvoje Who banned me yesterday on cao son temple map?And why??????I made 30 kills with boat and someone banned me
11-1 18:58:25 Tamilan @vey u have no other life?
8-1 21:43:52 Hrvoje Best server,i hope more often Vietnam maps,they are excellent...
1-1 23:43:21 Reverendo Bernocchi Hello Mr. Hrvoje, welcome
Happy New Year to Cpt. Nemo, Gaby and all the Nemo's crew

...and, if you screw up vaccinating yourself: beware of the Pfizer vaccine side effects :D
1-1 17:17:33 Hrvoje Hello all
19-12 14:58:03 Evgeniy Hello, maby you know kontakts Leichenh@lle server?
13-12 23:29:20 Reverendo Bernocchi Good idea ...I think this will prevent the various and annoying "spamscriptshitboTS", from continuing to piss off!
as always... ...Great Job, Captain :)
13-12 7:06:51 NEMOSKAL Added simple Spam Check to each registration and login :P
12-12 23:13:51 Reverendo Bernocchi hi Nemo, I'm happy to hear you ... unfortunately the fucking TIM (italian mobile telecom), is continuing to literally zero my credit, and (in italy), there is no way to get my money back; in two words, they are fucking bastard thieves, (protected by law). I hope to resolve this inconvenience soon, but ... ... it will be difficult to keep this type of contract. Hope to reconnect soon. Have a Nice Day, Cpt. Nemo ...stay strong bro :)
12-12 19:53:33 Welotarow thanks for uncursing, one unban still needed
12-12 19:53:02 Welotarow Could someone unban Welotarow on NEMOSKAL modded V (not EA) ?
12-12 10:13:32 Welotarow Could someone uncurse Welotarow on NEMOSKAL modded V EA? I have a video record of that if its needed.
12-12 6:13:08 NEMOSKAL Hi brother, i am glad you are back :D
11-12 21:05:48 Reverendo Bernocchi Hi Nemo, Hi SuperGaby ... unfortunately I recently had some problems with the internet: my Italian provider (TIM), is trying to fuck my old contract (120 euros per year and unlimited GB), and trying to change them, to a new one, but with limited GB, otherwise (to have unlimited GB), there are no contracts for less than 400 euros per year. They disconnected my internet on 20/09/2020, I have sent them all to fuck off, and (finally), now it works again. Surely they will still try to fuck my internet in the future, but ... for now, I still have my old internet key (with unlimited GB, at 120 euros per year) ...and, I hope to be able to keep it :)
peace and love to all, Brothers and Sisters :)
11-12 11:19:52 Welotarow Correction Welotarow banned on "NEMOSKAL modded", not the modded V this time
11-12 9:43:11 Welotarow Here is the another autoban video from yesterday: «link»
11-12 9:30:07 Welotarow I start to really feel that autoban KD limits are too strict here. I got autobanned 4 times yesterday evening and autobanned again today morning with the first map?. I don’t have recording of this latest autoban because my hard drive just got full because of too many BC2 recordings, but I have couple of autoban videos from yesterday evening as an example. Here is the first one: «link»
Could someone unban Welotarow from Nemoskal modded V (not EA version)?
11-12 9:29:29 Welotarow I got to the server finally after great help from Gabriela, thank you
10-12 17:27:43 Welotarow Thank you, I switched my IP address to Lombardia Italy for testing purposes and I still cannot find way to join that server. I'm starting to run out of ideas.
10-12 17:14:15 Gabriela Michell italy
10-12 17:10:18 Welotarow ...if that even makes any sense
10-12 17:09:53 Welotarow which country you are connecting? Im connecting from Finland. I could try to use make my connection trough some other country if that would help but I have no idea which country to start
10-12 17:08:46 Welotarow and I checked that i dont have any active filters when searching so it should find all servers but apparently it just does not show all of them
10-12 17:07:45 Welotarow I start Bad Company 2, I click MULTIPLAYER, I click SERVER BROWSER, and I search with name "modded". Only what I find is the NEMOSKAL modded V from the servers I see listed on here at
10-12 17:05:36 Gabriela Michell explain me
10-12 17:05:27 Welotarow i see the server on this website but I have no idea how to join there
10-12 17:04:48 Welotarow how do you join there?
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