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24-11 21:48:26 Welotarow Hmm… Is there a possibility to get unbanned if I prove with recorded videos that I’m not using any cheats?
24-11 21:43:12 Welotarow Well thank you anyway of being reasonable with me previously.
24-11 21:43:02 Welotarow Some players just can’t accept that someone can be good at this game after playing 10 years and 2000 hours.
24-11 21:40:26 Welotarow ok... Do you think I really cheat somehow or was I banned just because too much complaining from other players?
24-11 21:39:03 Gabriela Michell multiple complaints from other players about you
24-11 21:38:17 Gabriela Michell 40/13
24-11 21:37:32 Welotarow May I ask why I was banned this time by admin? Did I break some kind of server rule?
23-11 11:28:38 Welotarow The conversation between me and Gabriela continued inside the server. All my NEMOSKAL server related issues were fixed.
22-11 16:56:35 Welotarow Oh, I just realized that Welotarow is still cursed as well. The character dies every time I kill someone. Any possibility you could fix that one as well?
22-11 16:53:32 Gabriela Michell but im a girl
22-11 16:53:15 Gabriela Michell thanks
22-11 16:50:07 Welotarow You have awesome service here guys, thank you
22-11 16:49:36 Welotarow Altough I would suggest to be in the same team with me :P
22-11 16:49:07 Welotarow I hope to see you in the game there as well :D
22-11 16:48:51 Welotarow Thank you very much. You have exceeded my expectations :D
22-11 16:48:26 Gabriela Michell done
22-11 16:48:07 Gabriela Michell anything else I can help you with?
22-11 16:48:01 Welotarow When I try to join the server NEMOSKAL modded V with main main account Welotarow, I get message "You have been kicked from the game. The reason is: Mercoraz Auto-banned - WH (Score: 50/11).
22-11 16:47:56 Gabriela Michell unbanned
22-11 16:46:10 Welotarow Same server: NEMOSKAL modded V
22-11 16:45:33 Gabriela Michell in what server?
22-11 16:44:30 Welotarow Thank you very much, is there a possibility to unban playername "Mercoraz" as well? I was autobanned with that soldier reaching 50 kills at some point. "Mercoraz" is also under the same key with main account "Welotarow" and the ban on Mercoraz is apparently blocking me from playing with my main account Welotarow. Anyway, could you please unban "Mercoraz" as well?
22-11 16:38:13 Gabriela Michell done
22-11 16:37:30 Welotarow well that is one of mine as well
22-11 16:37:07 Gabriela Michell healing-abuser?
22-11 16:36:40 Welotarow well.. at least my main account is
22-11 16:36:31 Welotarow my player name in Bad Comnapy 2 is Welotarow
22-11 16:36:26 Gabriela Michell your player name
22-11 16:35:54 Welotarow Im not sure I know what you mean
22-11 16:35:28 Gabriela Michell nick name
22-11 16:35:24 Welotarow Welotarow
22-11 16:35:11 Welotarow thank you very much, appreciated :)
22-11 16:35:07 Gabriela Michell player name
22-11 16:34:43 Gabriela Michell sure
22-11 16:34:30 Welotarow Anyway, Is there any possibility to get unbanned?
22-11 16:33:23 Welotarow was camping*
22-11 16:33:06 Welotarow And how did I manage to get 30/2 KD? I most of the time camping on top of 10 boosted health packs with boosted armor.
22-11 16:31:42 Welotarow Thank you for the information.
I have played this game actively about 10 years, most with my main account named “Welotarow”. Within my about 2000 hours of gameplay I learned how to aim and press q all the time. It also helps a lot to use extremely big screens for playing. Usually I use 40 inch screen which makes aiming far distances much easier than with a normal sized screen.

Of course I had level 0 account as it was just created because my other account was banned earlier from the same server with similar false accusations.

Is there any possibility that me being stated as a cheater could be taken into reconsideration?
22-11 16:19:02 Gabriela Michell WH + aimbot
22-11 16:18:45 Gabriela Michell 30/2 KD and you are level 0
22-11 16:18:10 Welotarow but why?
22-11 16:17:57 Gabriela Michell banned
22-11 16:17:42 Welotarow Healing-abuser
22-11 16:17:20 Gabriela Michell Playername?
22-11 16:16:47 Welotarow I had something like 30/2 KD and I got again banned from the NEMOSKAL modded V server. This time I was playing with the name Healing-abuser. “You have been kicked from the game. The reason is: Banned by admin”.

I truly wonder what did I do wrong this time. It would be nice to know the reason that I will not get banned again after buying another BC2 key for 3 euros or so.

Is it stated somewhere in the server rules for example that medic pack spamming is not allowed? I cannot think any other reason. Or maybe the admin just had a bad day?
22-11 4:27:54 Gabriela Michell ciao
21-11 1:30:57 Reverendo Bernocchi LOL, at the end, the BanHammer strikes back, and (for what i can see), it work very well also against the "robots", not only against the faggots cheaters :D always, nice work Captain.
Have a Nice Day Bro, and...
...thank's for what you do. :)
20-11 21:30:50 Welotarow Hello to all.
NEMOSKAL, would it be possible to unban and uncurse my characters on Bad Company 2 server “Nemoskal modded V”?

Banned and cursed:

No cheats here (if ridiculously big computer main screen is not counted as one). I have just cumulated some kind of idea how to play this game during the 10 years and about 2000 hours of game time.
I also don’t think that these were the last times I managed to reach either 20/0 or 50/10 KD on Nemoskal modded server. Therefore I would also like to ask what is the right channel to post these type of requests in the future?
20-11 5:29:39 NEMOSKAL Yes, already banned this robot. Highway! OOPS, sorry... Hi, Vey!
20-11 0:38:20 Reverendo Bernocchi Hello Vey ...welcome back :)
...Hi Nemo ...i just seen the latest member registered on the forum: The name is: parimatch.cyouMU, so My question is (if i have understand well, what you've explained me): considering the 2 uppercase letters at the end (MU); there's a possibility that user is another one generated by same type of fucking script, that generated StantonBlagoLR ???
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